The Spiral of Sand (gebraucht) *One Shot* ENGLISCH
  • The Spiral of Sand (gebraucht) *One Shot* ENGLISCH

The Spiral of Sand (gebraucht) *One Shot* ENGLISCH

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On the evening of his best friend's wedding, Haruka Mido faces the most traumatic experience of his life. He is savagely assaulted at the hotel where the wedding party is staying. The attacker binds Haruka's hands and says "I will make you suffer even more..." ... "I will never forgive you." Haruka has no idea of the identity of his attacker or why this is happening to him. But during the assault, he was able to leave evidence in the form of scratch marks on his attacker's wrists. Several weeks later, when Haruka returns to work, he comes across a startling discovery ― a man with scratch marks on his wrists!


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Fumi Yoshinaga
Boys Love / Yaoi
5 von 5 Sternen
1A Neuwertig